Architecture workshop

CEBRIÀ Arquitectura is an emerging studio that works in the fields of architecture, urban planning and design, with a holistic approach that is committed to the environmental sustainability and respectful of historical heritage.

The studio, directed by the architect Xavier Cebrià, specialized in the area of rehabilitation and the Passivhaus standard, carries out the activity between the cities of Lleida and Barcelona.


The way we work in the studio is reminiscent of a craft workshop where the different projects progress between the tables with paper, models, photomontages and collages, where we come up with ideas and share them with the team and clients to continue modify them; criticising them, checking them and evolving until the desired result is reached.



The studio is collaborating with a group of professionals for the development of different scale projects, producing synergies between the team, to obtain the most appropriate sustainable proposal and one that best adapts to the needs of the clients.



We think that these days it is necessary to intervene in the built environment and work with the preexisting conditions with respect, making a reinterpretation to give them new uses or each project, we are taking into consideration, the footprint of the place, for designing with sensitivity and delivering responsible construction management at a sustainable and energy level.


Together with our collaborators, from different disciplines, we follow up with the client, with a close and personal service, in the different phases of the project.


We offer and deliver different architectural services related to single-family and multi-family residential buildings, historical heritage, commercial or facilities, focusing on the rehabilitation of buildings and their interior spaces, together with energy efficient construction systems.


Specialized in passive architecture, building homes with the Passivhaus standard, with very low energy consumption, achieving comfortable and healthy spaces.

New construction

We design new construction projects, adapting to your needs, from the first ideas, through the development of the architecture project and interior design to full completion.

Rehabilitation, Reform and Expansion

Experts in the complete rehabilitation of homes and buildings improving energy efficiency. Interior reforms respectful of the preexistence with the historical value, structural repairs and extensions of buildings.

Construction management

Global management of the technical aspects in the construction phase, supervising the work processes while meeting schedule, budget and quality goals.

Activity License

We manage the licensing activities together with the technical project for the opening of a new activity, collaborating with the certifier, to comply with the measures dictated by the administration.

Change of uses

We elaborate the change of use project to adapt a commercial premises to a home, evaluating the characteristics of the location and according to your needs, providing it with optimal spaces providing maximum comfort.

Reports and certificates

We provide technical reports, ITE of buildings, energy efficiency certificates and habitability certificate.

Viability study, Preliminary draft

We carry out individual and personalized studies to provide the pertinent solutions in an architectural intervention. We develop a concept from your ideas.

Advice and services to communities

Personalized advice to solve technical and constructive doubts. Services to communities to help solve deficiencies and problematic conditions in multi-family buildings.